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Interested in developing fashion accessories for your brand?

Create your own custom designs from 24 pieces per design and from 96 pieces per order.

__End To End Solutions

Products Development




How It Works....

__01 Design Submission

Every project is unique and requires a discovery process in order to evaluate what will be required to provide you the best quality products.

Once we have evaluated your design – the materials, and hardware you would like to produce your products with – we can give you an estimate of what your development and sample costs will be.

__02 Sourcing / Product Development

After the price estimate is accepted, we will begin the sourcing process to find suitable materials, trims, and hardware for your designs, for you to choose from. 

__03 Samples Development

While the sourcing is underway, our design team will help to finalize your details, and if needed, develop tech packs for your designs.

Once tech packs or working drawings and all details have been approved by you, sample production will begin.

Do note that as everything is made from scratch, it usually takes two rounds of samples to get all the details right and ready for bulk production.

__04 Bulk Production

Once you are happy with the samples we have created, and we have received your approved samples in return, as well as your initial down payment, we will then commence with producing your order.


__05 Quality Control

During bulk production of your products there are several quality control checks at various stages of the process.

Our products and services meet strict design and quality control standards.  

We guarantee everything we make.

Our #1 priority here at Solasta is your happiness. 

__06 Shipping

Your products are then individually packed to your specifications and sealed in cartons, ready to be shipped. 

We will help you with the required paperwork needed for customs clearance and assist with the shipping of your products to your or your customers doorstep.

At this stage, the final payment for the balance of your order will be required before we ship your products.


__Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum order quantity?

The minimum order requirements are 24 pieces per color per design and 96 pieces per order.

For custom developed fabrics and hardware the minimums are higher. 

What is your manufacturing lead time?

10-12 weeks with ample preparation and all materials on site. This excludes shipping.

Depending on project scope, lead times may vary.

Please find further breakdown of lead times below: 


5-10 days

Teck Pack

10-14 days


20-45 days depending on embroidery, printing, and finishing

2nd Set Of Samples

Up to 30 days


Currently production lead time is 10-12 weeks 


SOLASTA is a relatively small, design development, cut and sew shop with great attention to detail and quality.  

We believe the only way to compete is through exquisite craftsmanship.  

We care about what we make and are not willing to sacrifice quality for speed.  

We seek clients who value our labor and skill and have a design-focused product.  

The best place to start for new development clients is for us to review digital images, sketches, samples, or any visual materials you have to convey your product, so that we can define scope and scale of a potential project.  

From there we can schedule a meeting and review your project further.

Please let us know if this information has been helpful and if you would like to pursue working with us!  

We would love the opportunity. 

__For More Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section or if you have any questions Contact Us so we can help you further.