Who We Are

Producing Exceptional Quality
Bags And Accessories

We’re here to help you make your ideas and designs a reality.

We’ll guide you through the entire product development process, producing market/production-ready handbags and accessories for your collection. 

Also, serving as an integral part of your success, even helping you fulfill orders through wholesale or dropshipping.

Solasta works with you and your ideas, adding immense value to any project or brand while retaining what makes it unique to you.

Our product design creatives preserve your creative spark, polishing it and creating a finished product that’s recognizably yours, but made to a competitive, market-leading standard.

Everything we do is focused on generating a sense of progress, confidence, and relief for our customers.


To care beyond the ordinary.

For the details. For your products.

For our team. For our clients.

And always go the extra mile.

Meet the lead team who have worked magic for countless fashion entrepreneurs just like you.

Enzo - Founder

Throughout his 25-year career, Enzo has made a name for himself as an award-winning artist, designer and businessman. His influence spans the globe and his success in product development is unprecedented.

Jewellery, accessories, home decor and more; Enzo’s areas of expertise transcend industries, and they’ve seen him work product development magic for brands such as Ports 1961, Mondi, The Hudson Bay Company, Holt Renfrew, and Neiman Marcus.

10 years of hands-on experience in India helped Enzo’s connections and knowledge grow further still. He forged bonds, learned from the best and honed his craft.  

He felt blessed to have walked the path that was now behind him and was determined to help others learn and grow like himself. He sought to lower the barrier to entry for up-and-coming designers, helping entrepreneurs get their product designs developed and ready for the market. From product prototyping to custom product design, photography to marketing, and drop shipping to B2B sales fulfillment, Enzo wanted to help creatives navigate the difficulties of entering the fierce fashion world.   

And so, from ambition, experience and a desire to do good, Solasta was born.

Shreshta - Sourcing, Design & Development

Growing up immersed in the family business molded Shreshta into the fine dressmaker and product design visionary that she is.

Her father’s fabric tailor and dress shop was the destination spot for custom dresses and suitings fit for every occasion: weddings, parties, festivals, and more. With such a diverse range of early product design experiences, it’s no surprise she ended up studying fashion design at Pearl Academy, one of the top fashion schools in India.

From studying fashion to living and breathing it. After graduating, she worked for several buying houses, creating collections for clients such as Zara, John Lewis, and other high-street brands before joining Solasta.

Shreshta specializes in materials sourcing and product development.

She’s well-versed in the local markets and is intimately familiar with artisan communities throughout the surrounding states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Her goal is to always create quality accessories that make an impact, impress, and drive sales for her clients.


Chand - Bag Master

Chand comes from three generations of devoted bag-makers, channeling that heritage into unique, eye-catching patterns for our customers’ designs.

He oversees design and product development, creating production-ready products for valued clients like you.

He joined Solasta last year, bringing over 20 years of experience and sound exposure to international fashion with him. working for various export houses saw him creating designs for top brands such as Coach, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein. He leads a hand-selected team of bag makers, united by a sense of pride in their work and a ceaseless desire to make every stitch count.

Bag Master
Head of Embellishment

Waseem - Head of Embellishment

Embellishment is Waseem’s wheelhouse. At Solasta, no product is embroidered or decorated—no fine threads or beads woven into place—without his oversight. 

He brings over 17 years of experience to our team, working on behalf of embroidery houses to bring beautiful fabrics to fashion labels in Europe and America.

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