Are We A Good Fit?

We’ve learnt a lot in all our years of product design and development, but no lesson has been as important to our continued services as this: 

“Ensure that the relationship is a good fit from the start.”

While we work with a variety of clients over many industries, we do our best work when our specialties overlap with our clients’ needs. 


Here are a few things to consider if you’re wondering if Solasta
will be a suitable fit for your next project.

Here are a few of the goals we can help you achieve:

1. Bringing your ideas and designs to life with our low-cost prototyping & sampling service.

2. Take you from concept to production-ready products you can show buyers in just weeks.

3. Product shots of your collection for your website, social media accounts, and line-sheets.

4. Fulfill B2B wholesale orders and drop-ship B2C orders directly to your customers.

We Can Give You A Quote, After Discovery


Every project is unique and requires a discovery process in order to evaluate what will be required to provide you the best quality products.

Once we have evaluated your design – the materials, and hardware you would like to produce your products with – we can give you an estimate of what your development and sample costs will be.

Ballpark Pricing

Solasta is proud to offer incredible value and impressive ROI to our clients. In short, we offer high-quality products and services for a lot less of an investment than you will find with larger manufacturers.

While we can’t give you an estimate before discovery, we know that you would at least like to know what ballpark you are playing in. What you need specifically will affect where you fit into that range, or if you’ll be slightly lower or higher than that.

Most samples we have developed for our clients we quoted between $50-$175 US.

Looking to start your next project?

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