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No Matter Your Choice Of Fabrics

We Can Print On Just About Anything

We work with a network of different suppliers that offer a wide selection of printing methods from Reactive Dye Digital and UV Low Impact to Sublimation and Screen printing.

Reactive Dye Digital Printing

With its ability to print on both peace silks and plant based materials made from fabrics such as cotton, linens and bamboo, reactive dye digital printing is one of the most versatile of all the high-end digital printing technologies.

With this type of printing, the print itself has no effect on the “feel” of the fabric as the dye bonds directly to the actual fabrics fibres.

Another benefit of reactive printing is it has a greater light and rub fastness than other print technologies, making it perfect for bags, accessories, apparel and home ware.

This gives digital textile printing several advantages over traditional printing.

Some of these include:

Low Impact UV Printing

Low Impact Ultra-Violet coating is our preferred choice when it comes to printing on our water-based vegan leather.

UV Coating has several advantages over other coatings and printing methods which include, very high shine and finish, great abrasion resistance, high clarity, instantaneous drying time, it’s free of solvents, and does not emit volatile organic compounds making it  environmentally friendly.
Water Based Screen Printing

Screen Print

Screen Print, as the name implies, uses screens as stencils for applying layers of different color inks onto the print surface.

It is the most cost-effective method for printing artwork in bulk with high-quality results.

We offer both Water-Based Ink and Plastisol-Based Ink screen printing

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