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SOLASTA was started with the goal of making quality bag & accessories manufacturing easy and accessible.

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From design concept and development of your products, to production, wholesale order, and drop-shipping fulfillment.
We have you covered.


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We Support Fashion Entrepreneurs


We Are Start-Up Friendly

If you are a designer, artist, brand, or run a fashion e-commerce business, and you are looking to develop and launch new products to offer your customers, we can help you.

We Make It Easy For You

Share your vision and ideas with us. Then let us take care of bringing it to life, so that you can focus on marketing and building your brand. 

Low Cost Samples

B2B & B2C Solutions

Lower Inventory risk

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We Guarantee Our Quality

Our products and services meet strict design and quality control standards.  We guarantee everything we make. Our #1 priority here at Solasta is your happiness. 


Could Solasta's quality products and valuable services be the solution that breaks down the barrier to getting your ideas and designs to market?