Custom Embroidered Bags​

We combine various embroidery techniques with one another to produce bespoke, contemporary designs for your branded accessories, just give us a brief, and see your concept brought to life.​

Embroidery Produced In The Ancient Traditional Style

Our expert artisans start by producing a drawing, before using the chosen threads, PVC-free sequins, glass beads, and other materials to create individual custom embroidered patches that are hand-stitched onto your products. 

Attention To Detail

Alternatively, you can have your custom-design embroidered directly onto your accessories with the utmost precision and care. ​

Choose From A Variety of Styles​

We specialize in a host of embroidery techniques including 3D puff, french-knot, and tambour beading.​




Hand Guided Machine Embroidery​

An efficient and cost-effective method for embroidering larger areas with decorative stitches.

If you can imagine it, SOLASTA
can bring it to life!

Have a project or idea you'd like to collaborate with us on?