Product Development & Prototyping

You can submit your designs, tech packs, sketches or image references to us via our New Client Form. Alternatively you can also email us at [email protected]. We generally respond within 24-48 hours.

A crucial step to developing a new bag collection before making a production order.

Our product development service helps you bring your ideas to life so you can visualize the product and we can prepare a quality item before going into production. Samples can also be used for your linesheets to show retail buyers, exhibit them at trade shows or on your website & social media for pre-order.

This step also helps you understand the demand for your products so you can make a more confident order.

We can develop any type of backpacks, handbags, and accessories at different price points.
Our products are developed in our own makers studio located in Noida, just a few minutes from the bustling streets of South Delhi.
Although our priority is to source locally there are certain types of products that are very hard (and many times impossible) to find domestically since the resources (skills, machinery, materials etc.) are not available in the domestic market. Things like certain specialty hardware are sourced from different parts of Asia.
Tech packs are illustrated designs and specifications of a products design. Accurate tech packs are required to ensure that we understand how to make your design.
The cost for prototyping and sample making can range from as little as $25 to develop a keychain to upwards of $300-400 for a backpack or handbag. The price varies depending on complexity of the design, what materials are chosen, can they be sourced locally, hardware and embellishments (if any), or if particular making techniques are required.
Each project is different. You may want to develop and produce an item for a pre-sale or crowdfunding campaign you are planning therefore you only require that one item to be produced. We make our decision based on the scope of each project.

This will depend on your patterns. 

We normally prefer to handle the complete product cycle however, you can send us patterns electronically or physical samples of a product you would like produced with any changes you would like to make, if any, and we can go from there as well.

Patterns and sample makers do things differently, many times they can make a great product for samples but it won’t be production ready.

Production is a different process from sampling and many parts that can be done when making only one sample will not be scalable for producing in larger quantities.

Our development process keeps production in mind, we develop the samples with production in mind, therefore we can minimize issues and deliver the quality our customers require.

So if we are producing a bag using a pattern that wasn’t done by us, this could be challenging.

However, we can still work with the pattern but will require to check the pattern and make a sample (at full sample cost) first to make sure there are no issues for production.


The Production process includes several steps such as material and accessories procurement, manufacturing of all the components, hand cutting or production of cutting dies, hardware, and several other steps that help set up the production line for your collection. 

It also includes briefing the craftsmen working on your collection, lab testing, wear testing, quality control inspections, labeling, packaging, equipment checks and production scheduling before the products are prepared for shipment.

Create your own custom designs from 24 pieces per design and from 96 pieces per order.

If you are part of our Drop-Ship Program, or choose our Made To Order Service, there are initial set-up fees for patterns, some stock, possibly special packaging, and other branding requirements, so it really all depends on your project.

Whether you are producing 24 units or 300 units of a style it requires the same set-up time and process therefore its not cost effective or sustainable to take on certain projects if certain minimums aren’t met.

10-12 weeks with ample preparation and all materials on site. This excludes shipping.
Yes, we offer world-wide shipping.
Yes. Clients can arrange visits to our factory at their own expense. Visits during your production run will need to be coordinated with us in advance. We typically recommend coming mid way through your production run so that you can see finished bags as well as those that are just coming off the production line


Our products are made from non-leather, 100% vegan, eco-friendlier materials. From the beginning, Solasta has been committed to using no animal-based materials in our collections as part of our cruelty-free ideology.

We are very fortunate to be based in a land where organic, regenerated, recycled, and sustainable materials are readily available.

We have produced bags in everything from organic cotton fibers, regenerated and recycled nylon fabrics, Tencel denim, hemp and hemp/PUblends, water-based microfiber polyurethanes, and other materials.

Our vegan leather is a modern material made from water-based PU. It is less toxic in its production, meaning it is less harmful to our environment.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we source all of our fabrics and components locally to our workshop in India, with the exception being our vegan leather, which comes from Europe and other parts of Asia.

We use a waterborne polyurethane dispersion that offers: 

  • Low VOC, Low toxicity
  • Excellent Water Resistance
  • Good gloss and hardness
  • Good strength
  • High Elongation
  • Excellent abrasion resistance

This coating can be used on almost all your products from natural fibers to synthetic fabrics and is offered in matte, semi-matte, and gloss finishes. 

We use glue that is derived from synthetic materials, and not any type of animal cells or milk proteins.


We work with both established fashion brands and start-up brands. 

We have services and resources that are tailored for both. 

We love working with start-ups! If we feel that we can bring value to your project, help you realize your dream, and be part of an awesome, exciting new endeavour an artist, designer, or brand is embarking on at the same time, we encourage you to reach out to us.

We are aware of the challenges that start-ups face, therefore in order to best serve you and to find the best ways to help your business we first would like to learn more about your product, ideas, and business needs, only then can we recommend the best ways to move forward. 

No. We don’t sell resources. We are a design, development and production company therefore we handle the complete product cycle for our customers. If required, we can source fabrics and trims for you.

Yes, during the Product Development & Manufacturing stage we can take pictures of the process. Kindly inform our team so we can prepare a professional photography and or video shoot during the making process. We can also provide Product Photography for websites, linesheets, marketplaces, etc..